Charities on Step

How to donate to charities through the Step Dashboard

The Support Charities page on Step is enabled through an integration with It allows for instant donations of USDC directly to a verified wallet of any of the listed causes available on Step.

Click the Support Charities button on the left of the dashboard to get started. 

On this page we can see all of the verified causes available to donate.

Donating to your selected charity will require a balance of USDC. You can obtain USDC by swapping any token for it using Step’s Swap feature. If unfamiliar with the process of swapping tokens, see Swapping Tokens on Step.

Charities on Step
Step Charities Page

Input the amount of USDC you would like to donate in the bar beneath your chosen cause.

Then press the Donate Now button below to prompt the transaction in your wallet.

Inout Donation Amount
Inputting Donation Value
Donation Transaction
Approving Donation Transaction in Wallet

After approving the transaction your donation will be sent directly to the charity’s verified wallet address.

Suggesting a charity or applying for your charity to be listed on Step

At bottom of page are links to two forms: One for suggestions to be added to the Support Charities page; and one for anyone who runs a charity that accepts cryptocurrency and would like to apply to be included on Step. 

Suggest Charities
Suggestions for Charities

Clicking these links will take you to another site where you can fill out the appropriate form for your submission.

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