DeFi on Solana

Using the Step Token Search Tool

The Defi on Solana page is an advanced token search tool with multiple features. It can be accessed from the Step Dashboard through the Defi on Solana button on the left of the page. Detailed data and information is shown for each token including price, minted supply, token description and price charts for multiple time frames. 

DeFi on Solana
Step Token Details

To search for a token, start typing in the search bar and the auto-complete will generate results. 

Click on a token from the list or hit enter/return to go to the top result.

Defi on Solana Token Search
Using the Token Search

We’ll go through the details of the SAMO token as the example for this guide.

Samo Token details
Samo Token Details

The details section in the upper left displays token price, minted supply and clicking on the Token Address ( 7xKXtg2c…JosgAsU ) will direct you to the Solscan Explorer page which displays every detail for the SAMO token on the Solana blockchain. Advanced data you can find on Solscan might include all SAMO transactions on the Solana network or viewing every wallet that holds the token.

Samo Details Section
Samo Details Section

The Swap button in the details section will take you to Step’s swap feature with the SAMO token already input into the trading pair.

See: Swapping on Step

Step token Swap
Swap Page on Step

The About section is a detailed description for the token and the link icon in the upper right corner will lead to the project’s website.

About Samo Coin
About Section

The price chart at the bottom of the page is available in 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Year and All time frames. You can cycle between the options just by clicking on each one. Additionally, you can use the scroll feature on your mouse or trackpad to navigate and zoom within the chart.

Samo Token Price Chart
Samo Price Chart

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