How To Use Step Finance

Getting Started Using Features of the Step Dashboard is the front page of Solana. Step is the largest portfolio dashboard on Solana and provides data insights about your wallet in addition to the rest of the ecosystem. Step makes it easy for anyone to monitor their portfolio token balances, AMM LP's, and yield farms.Additionally, Step has a number of built in functions to make your life easier including Swaps, LPs, Position/Address Monitoring, Fiat Payments and more. 

The Step Dashboard

The Step Dashboard is where users can see a breakdown of all their positions and balances  associated with their wallet. Within the dashboard, Step’s many protocol integrations allow for visibility and management of positions such as compounding yield farms, claiming staking rewards or closing open orders on Serum DEXs. 

The Step Dashboard
The Step Dashboard

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The NFT Gallery

Step also tracks the values of NFTs within a user's wallet and offers ways to manage an NFT portfolio including a sharable NFT Gallery.

Step NFT Gallery
The Step NFT Gallery

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Step is integrated with Jupiter Exchange to enable Swaps from within the Step app, providing users with the widest range of token trading pairs and lowest fees paired with reward incentives through Step Reward Options. 

Step Swap Tool
The Step Swap Page

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Step Staking

The STEP token provides utility to be used throughout the ecosystem and can earn a share of Step protocol revenue when staked for xSTEP with the Step Staking tool. 

Step Staking Tool xSTEP
The Step Staking Page

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The Opportunities Page

The Opportunities page shows just that- opportunities highlighted throughout the DeFi ecosystem for Step users to take advantage of. It provides an easy to use tool for quickly finding and sorting different yield farming APRs, lending pools data and funding rates for margin trading platforms. 

Step DeFi Opportunities Page
Step Opportunities Page

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The Step Inbox

The Step Inbox is an integration with Dialect, an on-chain messaging service allowing private wallet-to-wallet messaging.

Step Messaging Inbox Dialect
The Step Inbox

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Transaction History

Step’s Transaction History is a simple and easy tool for tracking wallet transactions. 

Solana Wallet transaction history tool on Step
Step Transaction History Tool

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DeFi on Solana

DeFi on Solana is a token search tool built into Step, which shows detailed token data on SPL tokens including minted supply, price chart and a link to swap through Step.

DeFi on Solana
The DeFi on Solana Page

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Support Charities

Support Charities is a page dedicated to helping charities, where users can directly donate USDC to listed causes right from the Step app, or even suggest charities and apply for their own causes to be listed. (

Support Charities through Step
The Support Charities Page

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