NFTs on Step

How to use Step's NFT Features and NFT Gallery

Step tracks and manages NFTs within a user’s wallet and integrates them alongside other balances and positions throughout the ecosystem. Floor values for NFT collections on Magic Eden are used when calculating held NFTs into portfolio net worth. NFTs can be sent from the dashboard, and also viewed and sorted through the sharable NFT gallery. This guide will provide a walkthrough for using features available through the Step dashboard and NFT Gallery. 

Open the dashboard at and connect your wallet to get started.

The total value of held NFTs can be visualized in the pie chart at the top and a breakdown of all NFTs and floor values can be seen under the Digital Collectibles section.

Step Dashboard
Step Dashboard

NFTs can also be sent from a user’s wallet to another wallet by using the Send  button next to each NFT and inputting the destination address in the pop-up window. 

Send NFT
Sending an NFT

To access the sharable NFT Gallery, click the NFT Gallery button on the left of the page. 

Step NFT Gallery
Step NFT Gallery

The gallery can be sorted to show only specific collections by using the selection tool at the top left. Check or uncheck any projects you wish to view or hide, or ‘Select All ’ to show all NFTs.

Filterig NFT Gallery
Filtering the NFT gallery

To share an NFT gallery with a publicly viewable link, click the Copy Gallery Link button in the top right. The link will be ‘view-only’ and be able to see all the NFTs, DeFi positions and token balances in the wallet. 

Sharable NFT Gallery
Copy Gallery Link button in upper right corner

The View Item Details button under each NFT will bring up all the metadata for each NFT and also a link to share on Twitter in the top right. NFTs can also be sent to another wallet from here in the same method as on the dashboard with the Send button.

NFT Item Details
NFT item details

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