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Wallet Transaction History Tool on Step

Step’s Transaction History feature is an easy to read, detailed breakdown of a wallet’s transactions. Many in-wallet ‘recent activity’ features either don’t store a long enough history, or don’t provide sufficient transaction details. Whereas block explorers or scanning tools like Solscan can be overly complicated for average users trying to extract data on what should be easy to understand for actions like claiming farming rewards or performing token swaps. This is why we developed Step’s Transaction History  feature, utilizing our many integrations throughout the Solana ecosystem to bring both an informative and user-friendly experience.

Transaction history can be viewed from a user’s connected wallet, or by inputting any public wallet address into the search bar at the top right of the Step Dashboard.

To locate the tool from the dashboard, click the Transaction History button on the left of the page or access it directly by going to

Solana wallet transaction history
Step Transaction History Page

The transaction history shows an intuitive breakdown with both token and protocol logos, as well as NFT thumbnails. The default setting will show transactions with the most recent at the top, descending with the Date column.

  • The Platform column displays the dApp or protocol in which the transaction was signed. Sending tokens or NFTs between wallets will be displayed as ‘Solana’.
  • The Type column uses common language to describe the actions performed in the transaction. Examples might be: Add liquidity, swap or claim rewards.
  • The Description column shows the specific details of the transaction including change in token balances; and additional wallets involved, either sent to or received from.

To filter transactions of a specific type, click the Type icon from the top row and select to display which types of transactions. Press Apply.

filtering wallet transaction history
Filtering for multiple types of transactions

A similar filter can be applied for the Platforms column, if for example a user is wanting to see only transactions which occurred through the Solend protocol to track their deposits and lending/borrowing history.

solend wallet transactions
Filtered history for Solend protocol transactions only

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